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Howard MIller

Howard Miller 354473 Battery 2 Chime Clock Movement Strong Coil 15 mm 1/2" Shaft

Howard Miller 354473 Battery 2 Chime Clock Movement Strong Coil 15 mm 1/2" Shaft

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Hand Style and Length

Please note, this is the stronger coil version of the 2214/2215 replacement. This has a high output coil for use with wall clocks with heavier fancy pendulums and floor clocks.

Kieninger / Howard Miller dual chime wall quartz clock movement.  Howard Miller model number 354473.  This is a direct replacement for the Hermle 2214 and 2215 models which are no longer in production.  Choice of Westminster or Ave Maria chimes.  Plays ascending chiming melody on each 1/4 hour, then plays the full melody at the top of the hour, then strikes the hour after playing the full melody.  Can also be set to play just the full Westminster melody plus the hour strike at the top of the hour, without playing the ascending melody on the 1/4 hours.  Can be set to play 24 hours a day or set to shut off at night for 8 hours.  Volume control.  A very versatile quartz clock unit with great sounding chimes.  Speaker is 2 9/16" (65 mm).  Comes with mounting nut and washer, rubber spacer washer, minute hand nut, and installation instructions.

Uses 2 "C" cell batteries, not included.  Alkaline type recommended.

This is the 15 mm shaft length version, or about 1/2” overall shaft length, for dials up to 3/8” thick. Please measure the length of the hand shaft on your existing clock movement from the front of the movement to the tip to determine what shaft length you need.  If you aren't sure, please ask!

Serpentine-style hands are available in the following lengths:  1 7/8", 2 3/8", 3", 4 1/4", and 4 3/4". 

Spade-style hands available in the following lengths:  2", 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2", and 5 1/2". 

Hand length is determined by measuring from the center hole of the minute hand out to the tip. If you are replacing an existing Hermle clock movement, the hands from your old movement will fit this new movement.

1-year factory warranty

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