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Rhythm Chiming Clock Movement Quartz Battery 10 Melody Tubular Bell Chime Wall

Rhythm Chiming Clock Movement Quartz Battery 10 Melody Tubular Bell Chime Wall

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Hand Style and Length

This RHYTHM 10 melody tubular bell chime quartz battery clock movement is the best sound available. It works with dials up to 7/16" thick. It has 4 chime options and adjustable volume control. It's perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable clock movement with a beautiful chime sound.

Chime options include:

1. 4x4 Westminster, followed by hourly striking.

2. Hourly Westminster, followed by hourly striking.

3. Three Christmas Melodies: 
-Silent Night 
-Joy To The World
-We Wish You A Merry Christmas

4. Six Classic Song Melodies:
-La Primavera(Spring)
-Morning Mood (Peer Gynt)
-Voices of Spring
-Le Cygne (The Swan)
-Tales From the Vienna Woods

Counts the hour on the hour with all 4 chime options.  Uses 2 "C" cell batteries, alkaline recommended.  The movement measures 4 5/8" (118 mm) wide x 4 7/16" (113 mm) tall (not including the pendulum hanger) and 1 1/8" (29.5 mm) thick (not including the center shaft).  Adjustable volume control.  Speaker measures 3" diameter  Uses "I" shaft hands, 3" black serpentine included - please let me know if you need a different size or style - spade style hands are shown in the second photo.  Also includes mounting hardware and instructions.

Serpentine-style hand lengths:  1 7/8", 2 3/8", 3", 4 1/4", and 4 3/4".

Spade-style hand lengths:  2", 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2", and 5 1/2".

Hand length is determined by measuring the minute hand from the center hole to the tip.


2-year factory warranty included.
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