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Takane Quartz Clock Movement - Scroll Hands - Battery-Powered

Takane Quartz Clock Movement - Scroll Hands - Battery-Powered

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Dial Thickness
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Takane quartz clock movement with Scroll Hands, made in USA. Runs on a AA battery. Case measures 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" x 5/8" thick. Shaft diameter is 5/16". Shaft lengths vary based on the dial thickness of your clock.

Please select the appropriate dial thickness for your clock:

1/8" dial thickness = 17/32" shaft length

1/4" dial thickness = 11/16" shaft length

3/8" dial thickness = 3/4" shaft length

1/2" dial thickness =  7/8" shaft length

5/8" dial thickness = 1" shaft length

3/4" dial thickness =  1 3/16" shaft length

Comes with mounting nut and washer, open and closed hand nuts, rubber washer, and hands. For hand length, measure minute hand from the center hole to the tip. Hands are black on one side, and white on the other side, with a red second hand. Hand length is 3 1/8".

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