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Triple Chime Quartz Clock Movement Kit w/ Pendulum Tubular Bell

Triple Chime Quartz Clock Movement Kit w/ Pendulum Tubular Bell

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Quartz battery-powered chiming clock movement kit with pendulum. 11/16" overall shaft length for dials up to 1/4" thick. The threaded part of the shaft is 3/8" long and 5/16" diameter. Excellent tubular bell sound. Choice of 4 melodies: full 4/4 Westminster chime, Ave-Maria, Bim-Bam, and Westminster/hour strike on the hour only. Uses 2 "C" batteries, alkaline recommended. The housing of the movement measures 4 5/8" wide x 4 7/8" tall x 1 1/8" thick (not including the shaft). Adjustable volume control. Speaker box measures 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" x 15/16" thick (59.5 x 59.5 x 23.5 mm). Uses "I" shaft hands. Also includes mounting hardware and instructions. 1-year factory warranty.

Available shaft lengths:

11/16" for dials up to 1/4" thick

13/16" for dials up to 3/8" thick

1 1/16" for dials up to 1/2" thick

Comes with a 16" pendulum stick that can be broken off in 1" increments down to 4". 2 3/4" pendulum bob is also included. Stick and bob are brass color.

This kit comes with serpentine-style hands. This style is available in 1 3/8", 1 7/8", 2 3/8", 3 1/8", 4 1/4, and 4 3/4" lengths. Hands are black color on one side and white on the other. 1 set of hands per order. Hand length is determined by measuring the minute hand length from the center hole out to the tip of the hand, or from the center hole out on your dial.

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