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Urgos UW03102 Mechanical Grandfather / Floor Clock Movement

Urgos UW03102 Mechanical Grandfather / Floor Clock Movement

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This Urgos UW03102 is a new, factory fresh, 8 day Westminster 5 tube chime chain-driven mechanical grandfather / floor clock movement that is made in Germany. It features a balance wheel escapement, is spring-driven, and has 4 hammers on the back that chime the Westminster melody on the quarter hour and strike the hour. It also has 5 tubes that produce a rich, melodious chime. The movement comes oiled and tested from the factory, ready to go out of the box. It also comes with new chains, hands, and a hand nut. Suspension spring and pendulum leader are also attached and ready to use.

This is a very popular movement that has been used for years by leading clock manufacturers like Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Trend, Pearl, Emperor, and many others. It is a reliable and accurate movement that is backed by a 2 year factory warranty.

53 mm hand shaft length, 114 cm pendulum length.

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